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Aaron Scott Badgley  


Can Digital Caricature Entertaining be the Best  Business to Business (B2B) application for trade shows and conventions?

Instead of the typical giveaways for your booth like pens, key chains , mugs etc.

A digital caricature artist at your booth will draw a giveaway caricature of spectators viewing live performances on a large television monitor at your booth.  The 5 minute color art will be printed on a 4x6” card instantly with your logo on the bottom of each printed art.  A clear protective sleeve which includes a clip on lanyard is included  for each of your guests to wear during your show and freely advertising your logo during the show. Others who see the clip on art will also want a free caricature of themselves with your logo. A line will form at your booth to give you more time to chat with them about your company while they wait and are entertained by watching the drawings develop before them.  Give your business the cutting edge advantage at each Trade Show, Convention and any B2B event you participate in.


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